The Area & History

Carved from the rocky cliffs of Central Texas, the canyons of Little Bear Creek wind through the ranch, giving the vast expanse of lush lowlands and jagged bluffs breathtaking beauty. The Little Bear Creek winds its way through the property’s stony clay loams at a gentle pace, cutting the property in half and drawing animals to its banks. My mind is filled with the contrasts, Oryx silhouettes against the fiery clouds at dusk and the first light of dawn trickling through the cedars as a Black Buck sips from the creek. Those images rival any I’ve ever seen.

Beyond beauty, this area of Texas is rich with history. Artifacts from civilizations past can be found throughout the property and in town you can visit the memorial to the heroic schoolteacher, Ann Whitney. In Hamilton, history lives – from Indian raids to Billy the Kid, the past comes alive in the landscape.